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We create a seamless process for licensing and sync.  HMG is a true asset of Music Supervisors around the world. We focus on building and maintaining superior relationships that results in world-changing media. HMG represent 200% of all compositions, giving you one-click access to the files (and permissions) you need to complete your projects with speed, reliable service, and superior quality music.


As an artist, it is paramount to know and understand your business. Equally important, an artist must know and understand who to strategically partner with and what services providers can best exploit (make money with) your compositions.  HMG gives artists that opportunity. We strive to enhance an artist's career by providing you opportunity to experience a financially sustainable career.  

We are an artist-centric company with an unwavering mission to Protect and Collect!  HMG Licensing and Administration is passionately committed to partnering with artists, getting their music heard and providing a transparent platform where everyone is paid on time.

We have partnered with TuneCore to offer you 50% off your first distribution! Once you've recorded, mixed and mastered your music, your next step is to share it with the world. TuneCore gets your music heard on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Deezer, and more, while you keep 100% of your revenue. Hit the link for your exclusive 50% off now!https://tncr.co/HouseStudio